I was in the market for some rims for my Impala and a close friend of mine recommended Joker's Audio beside Town Center Mall. He said he never personally went there, but he's only seen their show cars parked in front. I was hesitant about going there because i figured they were going to be too expensive for my budget. I walked in the store and they had EVERYTHING in stock! Upon entering the building I was greeted by a young man named Sam. Sam took the time to explain everything I needed for my Impala and quoted me a lower price than AREA 41 where they didn't seem to have a clue about what they were talking about. Not to mention that I waited about 15 minutes at AREA 41 for someone to come to the front to even talk to me. And just to make matters worse, every time I asked about something, it had to be ordered. They seemed like they had merchandise in the store, but the guy just didn't really care to help me at all. The selection of stereos at Jokers Audio was incredible compared to AREA 41. I bought my entire audio system and my wheels and tires from Sam at Joker's. The customer service was great and the installation was nothing short of phenomenal. I felt like I was taken care of by the entire crew. I highly recommend this store for anyone looking for anything for their car. I will definitely be back to get my car tinted at Joker's. A++++++
Date of Posting: 09 July 2012
Posted By: Porsche Tillman