Jokers Audio is one of the best and most professional audio stores I have ever been to. I was trying to buy some door speakers for my Mercedes S-class. I really like the selection and quality of their door speakers. The employees were extremely knowledgeable about my vehicle and what I needed for everything to function properly with the factory audio system. The price was higher than I expected and higher than the quote I got from Best Buy. However, I would rather these guys work on my vehicle versus one of those amateur installers I spoke to at Best Buy. They had a nice waiting area where I was able to watch a movie while my vehicle was being worked on. It made the installation time go much faster than I expected. I'm glad I went with these guys to do my vehicle. Most likely I'll be back to get some rims for my car. Quality work! Will definitely recommend to anyone.
Date of Posting: 25 July 2012
Posted By: Joseph Jam